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Purpose and setup

Through the Room Features functionality you can give specifics about each room. They can pertain to the room location, furnishing, etc.

The option allows you to add one or many room features to a certain room like High Floor, Low Floor, Sea View, Park View, etc. These additional characteristics can be used in bookings to specify guest preferences and achieve the optimal allocation of rooms considering the preferences of your guests.

The list of room features can be created by choosing Settings->All Settings->Rooms->Room features from the Navigation bar. Creating each room feature, you can also choose the rooms each feature applies to. One room can have as many features as you need.

You can also add or remove room features during the creation or the editing of rooms by going to Settings->All Settings->Rooms->Rooms menu.


You can select the explicit room requirements for each booking in the "Room features" field when you create or edit a booking:

The selected features will be used both in the manual and the automatic room allocation:

  • For the manual room allocation, clicking the 'Functions' button and then 'Allocate room...', you will see the rooms of a specific type ordered by their room number and the number of desired feature matches allowing you to choose the most suitable room for the occasion. 

  • With the automatic room allocation, the system takes into consideration the specified preferences of the guest and selects the room that is most close to these preferences. In the event that there is no room matching the set criteria in terms of room features, the system will allocate a room based on other parameters and once again it will choose the most suitable room.

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