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Clock PMS+ allows you to fully customise all emails and documents you send from the system. To this end, you can upload images of logos and other pictures for your layout needs. This way, all customer printouts issued by Clock PMS+ will comply with your brand.

To upload images from the Navigation menu, go to Settings->All Settings->Content->Logos / Image Library. All images are uploaded in an identical way. Here is how: 

The screen is divided in several tabs depending on the image purpose. From here you can upload images for:

Logo - Booking Confirmation

The logo of your hotel will be displayed in the default booking confirmations.

Logo - Folio/Invoice

The logo will be displayed in the upper left corner of all of your folios and invoices (for the default print templates).

Account list Icon

Through the selected image, the property is represented on the list of all accounts in the subscription, as well as in the home screen. The location of the image on the operating screen can be changed depending on the needs of each user. Simply go to the  "User Panel" widget via the screen setup menu. If you have several accounts in one subscription, the hotel icon will give you an idea in which of these accounts you are currently working.

Home page Background

After logging in, you can upload your own background image for the home screen of Clock PMS+. To change the standard background image with one of your choosing, use the work screen setup menu.

Image Library

Use the Image library section to upload images that can be used in various templates: Guest mailer templates, Custom folios, etc. You can upload as many images as you need. You can click the "Get image URL" button to view and copy the image URL or an HTML image tag (<img> tag) in order to use in the template editors across Clock PMS+.

Note: The maximum file size must be less than 6 MB for all images.

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