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You already know how to log in to Clock PMS+, now we will shed more light on the main screens to help you easily configure the system.

Upon entering your password, a screen will load that contains all  the accounts in your subscription to which your user will have access to. You will see them divided into two pages arranged by types: Hotels and Restaurants. For better visualisation, each property is shown through its Hotel icon. Over the list, you have a convenient search by name and location of the property (1), a handy instrument for subscribers having multiple accounts

To start working with a given establishment, simply click on its name.


It is the main work screen. Take a glimpse of the tools you have at your disposal:

Navigation bar

To the left, you will find a quick links bar giving you access to some of the main features of the system - lists of arrivals and departures, In Hotel bookings, etc. You have the option to determine which are the important features for you and add them to the bar. Here is how:

Navigation menu

In the upper left corner you will find the button for the Navigation menu. Use this menu to access each operating screen in the system, as well as to the configuration screens. To return a step back, you can use the  "<-" button. 

Quick Booking Search

In the upper right corner is the button for the quick booking search. This button is available no matter where in the system you are. At any moment, you can search for a booking by its number, the room allocated to this booking or the guest info you have.

Account change and logout

Next to the quick search button, you have a button for system logout and access to the screen with all the users through which you can log in to the system with another user from your subscription.

Work screen personalisation

On the work screen, you can display important information for quick and easy access. It could be details of expected bookings, a list of the day's To-Dos and more. You can arrange the widgets yourself so that it is convenient for your work. Some of them have quick links to relevant operating screens, for example, a link to a list of arrivals. In addition, you have the option to choose between a light and dark screen theme and upload your own background image. Note that these settings are personal to the user you are configuring them with. Custom settings should be made for each device and browser you use.

System messages

Next to the work screen settings button, there is a special icon indicating if you have a new message from the Clock PMS+ team. You will receive messages of each new system update, as well as in the events when we have important information for you. To see the message, simply click on the icon.

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