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The communication between the two systems includes export of:

  • Availability - availability is exported for room types for which there are mappings created.
  • Rates - prices are exported on the basis of rates included in the mappings. Prices can be exported with(out) included tax depending on the 'Tax inclusive rate plan' setting in the mapping of each rate.
    • Room prices and Occupancy-based prices are supported. For prices based on the occupancy, the 'Guest offsets' feature is used in the rates. Learn more about Guest offsets.
    • Multiple currencies - you can have rates in various currencies, e.g.: Standard Rate/DBL - USD ; Non-refundable Rate/DBL - EUR.

Important: Please note that rate prices are exported with their related currency.  If there are discrepancies between the rate currency in Clock PMS+ and Sabre, it is possible to have export errors, respectively the changes will not be reflected in the Synxis system.

  • If there are additional fees, set as charges (room type auto-charge templates), they will not be exported to SynXis. In this case, there can be discrepancies between the two systems, especially in the export of the final prices (AmountAfterTax). 
  • City Tax
    • If the work mode in both systems is "tax not included" - the City Tax in the rates should be in the 'Additional, Separate charge' mode. This way both systems will add the tax to the price. 
    • If the work mode in both systems is "tax included" - the City Tax has to be included in the rates (Included, Not a separate charge or Included, Separate charge).
  • Restrictions - restrictions of the 'Closed for Arrival/Departure', 'STOP' type are exported. The rate will be marked as 'Closed', if you set the 'STOP' restriction or you have no availability for the room type, it refers to.
  • Length of stay (LOS)- export of restrictions related to the booking period:
    • Min Stay (SynXis - SetForwardMinStay);
    • Max Stay (SynXis - SetForwardMaxStay);
    • Min stay (arrival) (SynXis - SetMinLOS);
    • Max stay (arrival) (SynXis - SetMaxLOS);
  • Bookings - an option to export bookings through the Channel Manager.
  • Profiles - full synchronisation of profiles (import/export) is done when the booking exchange mode is 'Full Sync'. Under the 'Import Only' mode, only data from SynXis to Clock PMS+ is imported.
  • Blocks - an option to export blocks through the Channel Manager.

Note: The Blocks feature is still a BETA version, if you wish to use it, please contact our Clock PMS+ Support Team.

Not supported

The interface does not support the following SynXis features:

  • Customer Loyalty & Selected Membership
  • Multiple Rate Plan Bookings
  • Related Traveller Details

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