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The Online Check-In application is extremely quick and easy to set up. To start the settings from the navigation menu select Web->Online Check-In Settings.


The Online Check-In has four functional screens and one splash screen. The idea of the available screens is to gather the most important information in a quick and user-friendly way, making registration fast and hassle-free for the guest. 

You have the option to customise the view of each step and configure the behaviour of operations.

1. Splash

To make your brand stand out, we've added a dedicated "Splash" page to welcome users. It appears for a short time, can be a static logo, a moving image (e.g. GIF) or an image with text. This is the initial screen the guest will see. You can place your logo in the "Images"(7) section.

2. Welcome

The welcome screen contains the most important information about the booking: number, arrival and departure dates, first and last name of the "primary" guest. You have the option to customise this screen with a background image. You can select it in the "Images"(8) section.

3. Card

You can ask guests to securely provide their credit card details or even make payment as part of the online registration. The screen is optional and must be enabled:

  • Credit card required (4) from the "Behaviour" section activates the credit card data collection. The screen behaviour is as follows:
    • If a credit card is already saved in the booking, the guest can choose to use it for online check-in purposes or enter the details of another credit card;
    • Virtual OTA cards are not presented here and the guest must enter their own credit card details;
    • If there are no cards saved in the booking, the guest must enter valid card details to complete the process;
    • If the hotel uses an integrated payment processor, the card will be tokenized;
    • If the hotel does not use an integrated payment processor, the data is stored in the Clock CC Vault.
  • Require Payment of the Folios (5) - activate this option if you wish guests to pay their outstanding balance while checking-in. Please note if there are several unpaid folios, guests will be required to pay each one of them. Please note that folios hidden from the 'Self-service portal' will not be shown here. Guests can use an already stored card or can enter details of a new card for the payment. Please note that OTA virtual cards will not be offered here. You can exclude certain bookings from this requirement by using the 'Guarantee options excluded from payment' (6) option. You can select one or more guarantee options and bookings created with one of them will be exluded from the payment requirement.
  • Credit Card screen header image can be selected in the "Images"(9) section.

4. Passport image/Registration Card

At this step, the guest is prompted to fill in their registration card. The data that will be requested in the registration card is controlled by the configurations in the "Guest Profile Fields" section of the general settings. If any of the required fields is not filled in, the guest will not be able to proceed with the registration and the system will indicate which information is missing. The possible screen settings are:

  • Registration Card for each adult (1) from the "Behaviour" section - determines whether to complete one registration card for the room or a registration card for each adult;
  • The guest can manually fill in the registration card (3) from the "Behaviour" section - determines whether the guest will be able to manually fill in the registration card;
  • Use ID Processor (passport scanner) (2) from the "Behaviour" section - determines whether the ID Processor serviceis used in the registration card completion (it is required that the ID Processor service is enabled for your account). The ID Processor service uses images of the ID documents. If only this option is selected, guests cannot fill in their cards manually but must take a picture of their ID. 

    The two methods of completing registration cards can be used in parallel. If both settings are enabled, the guest selects their preferred method of completion.

    • Passport screen header image -  it can be selected in the "Images" (10) section.

5. Signature image

Guests cannot complete the online registration process without completing this step. The guest is presented with the hotel policy (terms and conditions) which is entered in the "Common translations->Booking Confirmation - Hotel policy" section. The possible settings for this step are only Signature screen header image "(11) in the "Images" section

*Select the desired image and confirm through the indicated button.

Customise the View

You have several options to customise the app design to match your brand identity:

  • Option to activate the dark theme (12);
  • Option for rounded controls and buttons (13) - if not selected, sharp button corners will be used;
  • Brand colour (14) - select a colour for the buttons and various accents;
  • Splash screen colour (15) - select a background colour for the splash screen;

Use the "Preview" section to see how changing the settings affects the view of your Online Check-In application. Save all settings before exiting the screen.

Online Check-In App Access Link

For your guests to be able to use the app, you will need to provide them with an access link. For each booking, the system generates a unique link. To do so, you should include the link in an email to be sent to guests. We have added a ready-to-use template to be incorporated in the predefined email templates through the Guest Mailer feature.

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