Tables for Web Table Booking Engine

Modified on: Wed, 19 Jul, 2023 at 8:11 AM


Use this feature in Clock POS to add your Tables to the Clock POS Web Booking Engine. This way your guests can book a specific table. The number of the tables created determines the capacity that will be available for booking

How to create

Go to ‘Management’ and select Tables from the screen’s ‘Bookings’ section.

Tables for WBE

The Tables screen shows all existing Tables with their respective Table Types.

Tables for WBE

Show deleted tables: Click this button to see all the Tables that have been deleted.

To create a Table, click the "New" button and enter the specific table parameters. Then - the ‘Create’ button.

Tables for WBE

  • Name: Enter a name for your Table.
  • Table type: Select a Table Type from the drop-down menu (Table types must have been created beforehand. More info in Tables Types for WBE

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