Clock PMS+ Update (28 Jun 2022)

Modified on: Wed, 14 Sep, 2022 at 12:11 PM


New Features

New Rate Management Screen

As part of our new and more powerful Sales Pilot, we have redesigned the Rate management screen to ensure user-friendly experience.

We have created new more intuitive and compact screens to work with rates, allowing you to bulk update and test them. A different approach to the processes of their creation and edit has been introduced. For the development of the screens, we have used a new technology allowing a way faster and easier work with multiple rates. The process of creating new rates is significantly easier. It’s not necessary to add rates one by one, we have created a functionality allowing you to enter several rates at once. This way you can easily add all the rates from one rate plan in a single step. If a given rate attribute  (e.g. the charge template) is the same for all new rates, it is not necessary to complete it for each individual rate. In a click, the system can fill it in for you for all new rates.

We have split the main screen in several sections. You can move among the sections while creating, editing or testing the calculation of your rates.

A new rate search added with the following options:

  • Super quick opening of the most used rates for edit straight from the home screen based on the use of hashtags, e.g. "#BAR"
  • Quickly select one or multiple rate plan. 
  • Quickly select one or multiple rate tags.
  • Search by multiple rate parameters.

New navigation bar:

  • Seasons - The Seasons feature allows you to define prices, restrictions, guest offsets and guest levels which to be applied to a certain period of time..
  • Days - The calendar of daily prices is very compact and handy with its multiple options to quickly edit prices, restrictions and other parameters for each individual day.
  • Mass Update -  Using this feature you can update all rates having identical parameters in only a few clicks.

NEW: Testing - Here you can test the calculation of end prices for multiple rates and different combinations of adults and children. The system will list the prices for all selected rates and guest combinations, so you can quickly and easily check if you have configured them correctly.

You can find more info on the new rate management screens HERE

  • Tour Operator Contracts Search -  we have added tour operator contracts search being quickly accessible through the navigation: Company->Tour Operator Contracts. You can find a specific contract by name, as well as filter results by company. From the search screen, you can directly open and edit the contract. 
  • Housekeeping - Clean room notification email - we have added a new functionality to let you boost the communication with your guests and provide them with better services. Your guests will automatically be notified by the system when the room they will stay in is clean and ready for them. The notification will come by email. To this end, you can use the Guest Mailer feature to prepare an email template and select it from Settings->All Settings->Housekeeping->Clean room notification email. Selecting the email template, you also activate the feature. These emails will be sent to the bookings not checked-in yet, but expected to arrive on the current date and having an allocated room. This will happen when the rooms is marked as cleaned.


  • Booking Balance - the booking balance include the payments reflected in the deposit folios. We have also added a notification when checking out the booking to remind you of not used deposits, if any. The aim is to minimise the number of forgotten and unused booking deposits.
  • RoomCloud - more reliable recognition of virtual cards coming from the channel manager in terms of of the 'vcc' parameter.
  • Purchase Order Number and Purchase Order Date - new document fields, into which you can enter the necessary info related to the specific order. To enter the necessary details, use the “Currency/Name/Notes” button in the folio. The number and date will be shown in the folio printout. For those of you using custom folio templates, we have provided the respective parameters to add them to the these templates.
  • Import from CSV file - new 'Children age' and 'Rate Charges Transfer' columns. In connection with the new tour operator contracts, we have added the option to import bookings containing info of the children's age and a specific mode of Transfer/Split of the charges from the rate. More info can be found HERE.
  • Meal Report  - new compact layout. If you have many rooms and the standard layout is too long, you can use the new more concise view, including only the basic info -  room number and count of guests for each meal.
  • Siteminder - Arrival Time retrieval when such one is set for the first guest at reception.


  • Adyen v2:
    • Part of the transactions via the back end initiated a 3D authentication which could not be completed by users. As a result, a small portion of the transactions failed;
    • Due to the DropIN specifics, alternative payment methods were not visible when the page is integrated in iFrame. We have made the necessary changes on our part;
  • SmartHotel - the mapping download in the new endpoint didn't work due to incompatibility.
  • D-Edge - due to wrong arrangement, during import there were errors in the XML like "Manual price can be one (for entire stay) or for each day of the stay".
  • WRS v.1 - at the last step of the booking process, when entering an email preceded or followed by an interval, an invalid email error was displayed. The issue has already been dealt with.
  • Payment/Adding a card to the WRS - in very rare cases when paying or adding a card, an error like 'family_head' occurred at the last step. As a result, the client used to see a screen showing errors like 'We are sorry something went wrong', despite the fact that the booking was successful.


  • Gastronovi POS - The actual checkout time of the guest is now sent to Gastronovi.
  • LightspeedPosKSeries - Added support for all Clock PMS+ servers. Please note US and Canada are not yet supported by the interface due to the LightSpeed K Series specifics.


  •  ServerForPOS Swedish Fiscalisation - The X and Z reports contain the Petty Cash value and it may now be configured as a separate value for each account. Please open a service ticket in case you want to change the currently used Petty Cash default value of SEK 2000.

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