Clock PMS+ Updates (12 Dec 2022)

Modified on: Tue, 13 Dec, 2022 at 7:42 AM



  • Channel managers - some channel managers send remarks that resemble credit card details. As a result, bookings are not imported and errors are generated. Upon the changes made with the current update, bookings will be imported, and the data in question will be masked.
  • The Company search has been changed, this way a greater number of companies are supported in the reports (e.g. Charge Control Report, Charge Summary Report, etc).
  • Printing through Google Chrome - with the introduced changes in the last versions of the browser, blank pages were added when printing. We have made the necessary changes to avoid such situations.


  • LightSpeed POS K-Series fixes:
    • The end of day transfer now precisely includes all revenue date by date.
    • Tips with negative amounts were not expected by the interface causing the voided bills containing tips to not be properly transferred during the end of day process.
    • Force Sync function used to fail under some circumstances.
    • The end of day revenue transfer is now optimised. As a result the end of day transfer should occur within a couple of hours after the financial day is fully completed at LightSpeed POS K-Series.


  • Ajpes - After the optimised data exchange with Ajpes, the checkout information is exported at check-in and you can now configure the casOdhoda (Departure time) time for the interface. To do so, open Reports > All Reports > Localizations > Slovenian Ajpes Report > Settings > Departure time.
  • Fiscal interface for Romania BETA is now available. The fiscalizsation service requires a Clock IoT device as well as DxPrint (purchased separately from to be installed and configured in the local network for every fiscal device of the hotel / restaurant. The supported devices are Datecs, models: DP25, DP50, DP150, FP650, FP700, FP800, WP50, WP500.
  • Austria RKSV (Fiscalization) interface to SIGN.AT. Now you can use RKSV via SIGN.AT and have one subscription less to worry about like when using the Obono interface. The SIGN.AT is configured directly by the Clock PMS+ Support Team.

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