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The Integration links your Clock PMS+ account with your QuickBooks Online company. This interface is designed to automate and simplify the accounting process by syncing invoices, credit notes, payments, and related data to QuickBooks Online. Please note this is a one-way sync, where data from Clock PMS + will be updated in QuickBooks Online. Any updates made in QuickBooks Online will not be synced back to Clock PMS+.


  • Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online - Set up your Sales/Revenue accounts, Payment/Bank accounts in QuickBooks Online before beginning integration. These accounts will be required while configuring accounts as part of the integration setup;
  • Disable the 'Automatically Apply Credits' option in QuickBooks Online. The 'Automatically Apply Credits' option should be disabled from Settings->Accounts Settings->Advanced->Automation->Automatically Apply Credits. This option is to ensure that QuickBooks Online does not apply for credits automatically;
  • Enable 'Custom Transaction Numbers' from Settings->Accounts & Settings->Sales->Sales Form Content, to ensure that the Clock PMS+ invoice, credit note numbers are used. Additionally, if you are generating invoices manually in QuickBooks Online, the Invoice number sequence will not be disturbed.


Important: If you have not consulted your Accounting advisor yet, we strongly recommend that you do so before beginning the integration

Set up the interface from the AppConnector: Settings->AppConnector-> locate 'Quickbooks' and activate the integration if you haven't done that yet-> 'Settings'


  • Select 'Authorize' to allow Clock PMS+ to communicate with your QuickBooks Online account;

  • Provide your QuickBooks Online account credentials and select the company to which you want to receive data from Clock PMS+. On the next screen, confirm the connection with the Connect button;
  • Authorize success message will be displayed when the connection is successfully created and you need to select the Continue button to proceed with the connection configuration.

Base settings

  • Export from - allows you to define the start date from which the documents will be exported (you can specify both future and past days depending on your needs);
  • Auto Export - select if you wish to have the information exported automatically to Quickbooks Online, instead of manually (see section 'How does the interface work' for manual export guide). The Auto export sends the information every 12 hours.
  • Document types - Select which document types to be exported to QuickBooks Online;

Currency map

When you make a refund (register a negative payment) in Clock PMS+ it will be transferred as an Expense to QuickBooks Online and you need to select an expense account to be used for each currency you use in Clock PMS+.  In the drop-down list you will see the accounts created in QuickBooks Online with account type 'Accounts Receivable'  for the respective currency;

Tax map

You can map the different taxes used in Clock PMS+ and their respective tax codes from QuickBooks Online. You need to configure the default tax at least;

Payment mappings

You can specify the payment type and the QuickBooks Online account where the different payment types and currency combinations will be accounted for. Configure the default payments at least;

Revenue group map

When the documents are transferred to QuickBooks Online the proper items should be used. Here you can specify which QuickBooks Online items to be used for the charges included in the invoice based on their Revenue group and category.

How does the interface work

You can export data to QuickBooks Online from Reports->Data Export->Quickbooks Export and click on the Export button. Clock PMS+ will export data to QuickBooks Online for the period from your last export till now. If this is your first export the period start date will be the one you have configured in the interface settings. If you need to skip a period you can set a new start date that will be used instead of the date of the last export session.

The following Clock PMS+ operations will be transferred to QuickBooks Online:

  • Close folio: When a new document from the types you have selected for transfer is issued it will result as a new Invoice in QuickBooks Online;
  • Close correction folio: Clock PMS+ handles two types of correction folios (positive and negative):
    • Positive correction folios will be transferred as new invoices.
    • Negative correction folios are transferred as Credit notes. In the Private note section of the credit note, you can find information about the credited invoice. If the value of the correction folio is equal or greater than the amount due of the credited invoice the credit note will be automatically associated with the credited invoice in QuickBooks Online.
  • Folio Void: When you void a folio in Clock PMS+, it will also be voided in QuickBooks Online. If the voided folio is already paid, the related payment will also be voided. Please note credit note VOID is not supported by the QuickBooks Online API and if you void a negative correction folio, it should be processed manually.
  • Payment: Payments are only transferred to QuickBooks Online after the closing of the related folio. The payments collected prior to the folio closure will be exported along with the folio when closed. All payments posted to closed folios will be exported accordingly with the next export session.
  • Negative value payment: When you register a negative payment to a folio, it is also transferred to QuickBooks Online. Since QuickBooks Online doesn’t support negative value payments, they will be created as Expenses.
  • Payment void: For various reasons, you may need to void a payment in Clock PMS+. Positive payment void will also be transferred to QuickBooks Online. If you decide to void the negative payment, the related expense created in QuickBooks Online will also be deleted.

Specifics and limitations

Due to QuickBooks Online specifics, some specifics and limitations exist and you will have to take them into consideration when you use the interface:

  • Each customer in QuickBooks Online can use just one currency. Since you may have multiple currencies in Clock PMS+ and use them for each one of your customers, we have implemented the following logic for customer recognition and creation in QuickBooks Online - Prior to the transfer of customer data (documents, payments) to QuickBooks Online, we first check if the Customer number and the currency used (Company LTD/USD for example) exist, and if so, we will use it for the transfer. If the customer is not found, we will create a new customer in QuickBooks Online and use it.
  • Credit note VOID is not supported by the QuickBooks Online API and it should be processed manually;
  • Since the payments in QuickBooks Online must be in the currency of the invoice, you will need to only register payments in the currency of the folio in Clock PMS+;
  • Payments transferred between folios in Clock PMS+ are not processed;
  • When you register a negative payment in Clock PMS+, it will appear as an Expense in QuickBooks Online. If you decide to void such payment, it will be deleted from QuickBooks Online because void of Expenses is not supported.
  • If you use deposit folios in Clock PMS+, the payments registered in the deposit folios will be transferred as well as the close of the deposit folio. Due to structure differences in Clock PMS+ and QuickBooks Online, deposits transferred to regular folios are not handled and need to be matched manually in QuickBooks Online!

Note: Please note that this is applicable if you use the 'Payment transfer' deposit handling model. If you use the 'Deduct charges' model, this situation will not occur.

  • In some cases rounding differences may occur due to amount recalculations after they have been exported to QuickBooks Online;
  • Any payments that were posted to a folio prior to the 'Export from' date will not be sent to QuickBooks Online after the folio has been closed.

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