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The integration between Clock PMS+ and one of the leading payment processors - Stripe, allows you to seamlessly process online payments from various points - Web Reservation system, MyBooking portal, or through the guest folios.

It supports all features part of the payment processing package - tokenization, pre-authorization + capture/release, refunds.

Note: Using Stripe enables you to make full use of the groundbreaking Payment Autopilot module. 

Important: This integration does not support Stripe's physical card terminals.


To configure the connection between Clock PMS+ and Stripe go to menu Settings->All Settings->Stripe and enter the following details:

  • Account (1) - This is the Stripe account ID. You can find it in Stripe, menu Settings->Account details->line Account settings on the right
  • API Key (2) - locate the 'Secret key' in section 'API keys' in the Stripe settings, copy it, and add it in this field. 
  • Currency (3) - select the currency in which transaction amounts will be sent to Stripe.


- you set the currency to EUR

- then you try to charge a payment in currency USD

- we will convert the amount to EUR (based on the currency settings in Clock PMS+) and will send Stripe the EUR amount

  • Tokenize with amount (4) - In order to tokenize the credit cards, we will need to perform a pre-authorization (or a hold) for a specific amount. This operation will check if the credit card is valid. Please enter an amount if you would like to have the credit cards tokenized when they are added to the bookings (we recommend using a small amount - 0.5 for example).

Important: If left empty the credit cards will only be stored in Clock PMS+, and will not be checked for their validity.

  • If the connection details are correct, the Live and Active (5) buttons will be marked automatically when you save the configuration.

Alternative Payment Methods

You can also offer your guests other means of payment instead of only with a card. These are known as 'Alternative payment methods', 'Online banking methods' or online 'Wallet'. 

In order to enable that option:

  • locate the 'Public key' (6) in your Stripe settings and enter it in Clock PMS+
  • Select which methods you would like to offer (7).

Once done, when guests need to make payment, they will have the option to choose:

  • pay with a card, in which case they directly enter the details in the form and proceed
  • pay with an alternative method, in which case they will be redirected to a page hosted by Stripe and proceed with completing the payment.

Once the above is completed, navigate to Clock PMS+ menu Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->Credit Card and select the following:

  • Select if you will require guests to enter CSV code when entering card details (2).
  • Select if you require guests to enter their Address when entering card details (2).
  • Check the selections in section 'Supported Cards' and update them if needed (3).
  • In the section Payment Service Provider, select Stripe from the dropdown menu (1).

Finalizing configuration

Once all configurations are completed, you need to set your Guarantee policies with the correct payment service.

  • Go to menu Settings->All Settings->Bookings->Guarantee policy
  • edit your guarantee options and select 'Credit Card tokenization/payment' as a payment service.


Web Reservation System

In order for guests to complete their booking on your website, they will need to provide credit card details and depending on the guarantee option settings, complete payment through Stripe to finalize their booking.

MyBooking Portal

Guests will be able to guarantee their booking or simply pay their bill through the MyBooking Portal.

Payment Autopilot

Tasks set in the Autopilot will be handled through Stripe.

Important: Successful transactions will automatically be posted to the folios.

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