Completing the SAQ-A Form and KYC application

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When you sign the contract to enable the Complete Payment Automation service for your Clock PMS+ subscription, we can start the onboarding process with Adyen.

Since the actual payment processor and acquirer are our partners from Adyen, you are required to go through their KYC (Know your customer) procedure and complete the PCI DSS SAQ-A form.

Once you go through the procedure, provide the necessary documentation and Adyen considers them satisfactory, a 'merchant' account will be opened for you which consequently allows us to configure the interface and enable the service for you so you can start processing transactions.

In this article, we will provide some guidelines for completing the SAQ-A form and the KYC application.

Note: When we contact you to start the process, we will provide 2 links:

  • one link navigating to the PCI DSS SAQ-A form
  • one link navigating to the KYC application

We recommend that you start with the SAQ-A form.


As an Adyen user, you are required to be in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulations. Therefore you need to submit a Self Assessment Questionnaire A (SAQ A).

When we initiate the onboarding procedure, we will share with you a DocuSign link to the SAQ-A form which you need to fill out. The form is largely pre-filled and you only need to fill out several sections:

  • Section 1: User information - enter the information about your company and contact details.
  • Part 1a. Merchant Organization information - complete the information by entering a DBA (Doing business as) name
  • Part 2c. Locations - enter the address of your property (properties) and if you have a corporate office elsewhere, enter its address as well.
  • Part 3b. Merchant Attestation - sign the document and enter your Title.

Once you complete the form and finish the process, you will receive the signed documents in an email. Download the documents and have them ready to upload in the next step - the KYC application.

KYC (Know your customer) application

The KYC application is required in order for Adyen to review your company information and eventually allow you to use its payment processing features.

Throughout the process, you need to provide information and documents.

Here is the information and documents that you need to prepare and provide in your KYC application.


The information you are required to provide is:

  • Your company information - the legal business name; type of company (Private; Non-profit; Listed company, etc.); Registration / VAT number; address. Furthermore, you need to provide a company registration document (see below).
  • Payout account - information about your bank account in which you will receive the payouts from the transactions. You will need to also     provide a 'Proof of bank account' document (see below).
  • Owners - indicate how many 'Owners' (up to 4) your company has. For each of them, the following information is required - First and Last name; Residency address; Date of birth. Furthermore, you will need to provide an ID document (see below). Please note that if one of the 'Owners' of the company is another Company, you need to provide the 'Owner' details of the other company as well.

Note: Here’s our official definition of an owner: “An individual with direct or indirect ownership or authority, through any contract, arrangement, understanding, relationship or otherwise, over 25% or more shares, voting rights, or other equity interests in a company.”

  • Controlling persons -  indicate how many 'Controlling persons' (up to 4) your company has. For each of them, the following information is required - First and Last name; Residency address; Job title; Date of birth. Furthermore, you will need to provide an ID document (see below).

Note: Here’s our official definition of a controlling person: “A member of senior management or any other individual who exercises ultimate effective control over a company, its management, or strategic decisions that fundamentally affect the daily or regular affairs or business practices of a company.”

  • Signatory - enter the information of the Person or people who are authorized to sign the contract (up to 2). For each of them, the following information is required - First and Last name; Residency address; Email; Job title; Date of birth; Phone number. Furthermore, you will need to provide an ID document (see below).


As seen above, there are several documents that you will need to prepare and upload during your KYC.

Company registration document requirements

The company registration document must be:

  • Issued by a reliable, independent source such as the national commercial register of the country where the business is registered in.
  • Issued within the last one year, or contains a signature and a state of affairs with the date not older than one year.

Some examples are:

  • Companies House registration
  • Handelskammerauszug
  • Extrait Kbis
  • Удостоверение за актуално състояние
  • Kvk uittreksel
  • Escrituras de constitución
  • Acta constitutiva

Proof of bank account requirements

The proof of bank account can be any of the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Deposit tickets, deposit forms, or account agreements (signed or stamped by the bank)
  • Screenshots of their online banking environment
  • Letters from their bank
  • Cheques
  • Relevé d'Identité Bancaire (RIB): bank document in France

Important: Do not upload photos of bank-issued cards, such as credit or debit cards. These contain sensitive information.

The proof of bank account must have:

  • The account holder name - This must match the legal business name, trading (doing business as) name, or the name of the individual conducting business with Adyen, which you set when creating an account holder.
  • The account number or IBAN.
  • The date of issuance, which must be less than 12 months ago. This requirement applies to all types of documents except for RIBs or cheques.
  • The country where the bank account is located. For EU bank statements, Adyen infers the country from the IBAN.
  • An indicator that the document was issued by a bank, such as a bank name, a bank logo or a bank-specific font.
  • be in FULL COLOUR

Owner(s) / Controlling person(s) / Signatory ID document requirements

The photo ID can be either a:

  • Passport: Including the data page, with a picture, details, and the machine-readable zone clearly visible.
  • ID card: Including both the front and back, each side in a separate file.
  • Driving license: Including both the front and back, each side in a separate file.

The photo ID must:

  • Be non-expired.
  • Have the machine-readable zone visible (if available).
  • Be a physical photo ID document, not a digital one.

The uploaded document must:

  • Have separate files for the front and back of the ID document (only when providing an ID card or driver's license).
  • Be a full-colour, cropped, and straightened image.
  • Be a photo or a scan of the physical photo ID document. We do not accept a screenshot of a photo, a photo pasted on another document, a photo of a screen, or a photo of a printout.

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