Clock PMS+ Update (24 Jan 2023)

Modified on: Wed, 25 Jan, 2023 at 9:33 AM


New Features

  • New improved 'All accounts' screen:
    • Added convenient search by property's name and address;
    • Better visualisation of properties through the Hotel icon;
    • Division by property type - Hotels and Restaurants. The two types of properties are separated into individual tabs, as each user having access only to POS accounts will be redirected straight to this tab.
  • Document types - we have added new 'disabled for Unbalanced folios' and 'disabled for Balanced folios' settings. Now for each document type, you can specify what folios it will apply to - balanced and/or unbalanced. This way you could diminish user errors in the issue of various types of documents depending on your business model. If the user selects a document type that cannot be used, an error message will appear. By default, the two settings are inactive. To apply them, please go to the navigation bar and select Settings->All Settings-> Document Type(s) to edit the respective document type. 

If you apply the new options, please take into consideration the respective settings (pertaining to the issue of documents) of the MyBooking Portal and Kiosk.

  • Rates Management - we have added a new 'Channel Manager rates' section. Now you can see all rates related to the channel manager through the new settings screen. To do so, open Settings->Rate Plan-> tab More->Channel Manager rates. Here you have a list of all channel managers related to the account. After selecting a specific channel manager, the related rates will load and you can review and edit them.

The new feature is also already available straight through the navigation bar: Channels ->Edit Rates / Restrictions.

  • We have added a new screen to create and delete (only if possible) To-Do channels. You can access it by going to the navigation bar and selecting Other functionalities -> To-Do -> cogwheel icon -> To-Do channels.


  • Rates Screen - the archived room types are excluded from lists;
  • Meal Report - the date format has been changed;


  • 'Registration card auto-numbering - On booking check-in' setting - it only applied  to registration cards added upon the booking check-in, but not to the ones preceding it.
  • In certain cases, when there is extension of the period of a booking containing a closed folio, incorrect positive/negative charges were generated for already invoiced overnight stays.
  • Stripe payment processor - improvements related to the webhook API version and the sales in BookDirect.
  • OTA interface - in certain situations, the To-Dos used to generate errors during import that were related to credit card details.
  • WorldLine / SixPayments - with BookDirect integrated into the hotel website, part of the payments through the Payment Page couldn't be completed successfully.


  • The Lightspeed (L-Series) configuration screen has been redesigned. The company ID is now retrieved automatically for easier activation.


  • STR configuration enhancement. The configuration of the interface is now even more flexible. Considering the revenue from some revenue groups is not considered as revenue for STR analysis, we have added an option to select which revenue groups to be excluded from the total revenue figures.
  • Swedish Fiscalization (Reports > All Reports > Localizations) The Reports Screen has been redesigned and has a new modern look that matches the new design line of Clock PMS+
  • German KassenSichV(Fiscalization) the export of DSFinv-K daily closures has been adapted to match the new technical requirements of the TSS vendor Fiskaly.

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