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Online Event Confirmation

We have expanded our portfolio of apps you can use for online communication to your clients adding a new app - Online Event Confirmation. It simplifies and speeds up the event confirmation process, making the paper-based communication a thing of the past while letting you entirely switch to the electronic form of confirmation. 

Here is the process itself:

  • In the BEO (or any other Event document) you send to your client, you can add a link to the new app.
  • Upon reviewing the message, the client can click the link and be redirected to the new Online Event Confirmation app.
  • Similarly to the booking online check-in app, the new app will welcome your client with a branded page of yours containing the main info of the event.
  • At the next step, your client will have the chance to once again review the content of the received document (e.g. BEO) and sign it electronically.
  • If a deposit amount is set for this Event, upon signing the document, the client will be redirected to the credit card payment screen to pay the deposit amount. When paying, the client can use the cards already added to the Event or to the Company, or enter the details of a new credit card. You can find more info about the deposit below.
  • To keep informed of the process, upon the successful completion of each step (signature and/or payment), To-Dos will be created.
  • The Event status is automatically changed to Confirmed.
  • The signature itself can be seen in the Signature section on the screen of the document in the PMS.

You can freely test the Online Event Confirmation app. If you wish to continue using it upon the expiration of the trial period, please contact our Sales Department.


We have added a new field to the Event - Deposit. Use it to fill in the value of the required deposit related to this Event confirmation.

If a value is entered into the Deposit field, the new Online Event Confirmation will require the payment of this deposit by credit card. If some amount is already paid, but it is less than the required deposit, only the remaining amount to the full deposit value will be required.

The Deposit field can be added to the BEO, too, for a clearer communication to your clients. You can find more info below.

Event Document Templates

When creating a new event document (BEO) template from our gallery, the link to the new app is added by default. You can remove it, if you don't wish to use this functionality. We have also added two new amounts: Deposit Amount and Deposit to Pay (the deposit amount minus the already received payments under the Event folios). They will appear in the document only if you have filled in the deposit amount.

If you wish to edit the already existing templates

  • To quickly and easily add a link to the new app, in the template editor, select Models (to the right), find the Event section and add the Online Confirmation module to the template. If you wish, you can change the colours. Save.
  • If you wish to make your own button, you can use the following parameter {{offer_self_service_url}} for a link. We would like to remind you that you need to select "Other" for protocol.
  • To add the amounts for Deposit Amount and Deposit to Pay (the deposit amount minus the already received payments under the Event folios), use the respective liquid parameters: {{offer.event.deposit_amount | currency}} and  {{offer.event.deposit_to_pay | currency}}.

App's Look

For the look of the new app, we have decided to use the same settings as with Online Check-in. This way, you will have full visual consistency between the two apps. You can set up this app by selecting "Web" - "Online Check-In Settings" from the navigation sidebar.

Other improvements

  • Folio - To-Do-s. Now you can also add To-Dos to folios. This way, you will be able to manage the tasks related to each folio in much greater detail. We have also added a new "Folio" channel. Still when creating a To-Do, you can choose any channel..
  • Folio audit in terms of age and size. We have added a new automatic daily check aimed at showing you problematic folios. The check creates To-Dos in the new "Folio" channel. The following folio parameters are checked:
  • Forgotten old open folios. Old folios are considered to be the ones whose charges are only for already past dates. If such folios have charges that are already two or more days old, a To-Do will be created for each such folio. From now on, To-Do reminders about such folios will be created every 10 days.
  • Folios with too many charges or payments. In certain situations, mostly related to charges/payments created by the API, a given folio may contain too many charges or payments. Sometimes this leads to certain difficulties and even impossibility to work with such a folio. Therefore we have introduced an automatic check and a respective To-Do for any open folios containing more than 5000 charges or payments. Such folios must be closed and you should continue your work in a new folio.
  • New housekeeping settings screens. We have replaced these screens with new ones as part of the overall reimagining of the graphical interface of the system. Their functionality remains the same as before.
  • POS - a new report about the sales by hours/hourly intervals. The new report allows you to closely check the sales by hours/hourly intervals (hour filter) or the quantity of sales for each of the hours (grouped by hours). The name of the report is "Hourly Sales Report".


  • IDeaS MinLOS mapping issue fix. Now you can map the given rate code for every room type.
  • The Feratel integration is updated to support Feratel Deskline. Here you can find out how it works and how the connection can be configured and activated.
  • The AJPES integration now allows you to export both daily and monthly reports for your guests to the AJPES platform in a click. Find out how it is working and can be configured here.


  • RoomCloud - processing of supplements. With bookings for more than one room, the supplement amount is divided by the number of rooms.
  • Charge template settings - V2 - localization money format is fixed
  • Payments on the Self Service Portal and the Kiosk - Credit cards marked as OTA are no longer offered for use.

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