Clock PMS+ Update (4 Nov 2021)

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Online Check-In - Registration Card Completion by Guests Themselves

The only option the new Online Check-In available for guests to register was to provide a photo ID to be scanned and recognised. However, this might reduce the conversion rate with guests not willing to provide their photo IDs for scanning. To ensure the app's higher conversion rate, we have added another option - guests can now manually enter their personal details for the registration cards. Besides, if you do not wish to use the ID Processor in the Online Check-In functionality at all - now you can disable it. Here is how the combination of the two settings works:

  • Only ID Processor used: As up till now, the system requires the scanning and recognition of a photo ID to create a registration card and let you proceed to the next step.
  • Only manual registration card completion used. The system will not offer the option for scanning and recognition of photo IDs. Guests will proceed to a screen where they can complete the fields of their registration cards manually. Which fields will appear on this screen depends on the setting in Settings - All Settings - Guest Profile Fields - Set Visibility - Self Service Portal column. There you can specify which fields to be visible and which of them to be required or not.
  • Combined use of the ID Processor and manual completion. If you choose both options, then guests will offer the option for scanning and recognition of their photo ID. At the same time, there is also a button for guests to reject the operation. In both cases, guests will be redirected to the screen for manual completion, as in the former case, guests will have to review and eventually correct the data retrieved from the document, and, in the latter case, guests will have to manually complete the fields.

To use the above settings, from the navigation go to Web - Online Check-In Settings. Please remember to save the changes to them.


  • All Channel Managers. Improved Country Field handling. We have revamped the support for country details we receive with the booking data. If we do not receive a two-letter ISO code, but the name of the country, now we try to find the code by the name. If this operation does not succeed, we do not add details of the country.
  • Event Self Service App. Now you can use the app, even if you don't have a new generation payment provider. In this case, the deposit payment functionality will be skipped, and the event will be signed and guaranteed.

Interfaces and Localisations:

  • API - folio/charges. We added a new charge field - discount_rate. The field contains the discount percentage, the way it is entered by the user on the Discount screen. We would like to remind you that if the charge amount is manually edited, then charge will not correspond to the amount.
  • Bulgaria - Datecs fiscalization. In the payment type mapping, a new option has been added for the selection of all protocols.
  • An option to issue mobile keys which can be sent by email. For the time being, it is only a back office option. It can be used by interfaces having such a functionality.
  • Six Payments. We have changed the payment type used for the creation of payments in the system. Up till now, the customer preset payments (WRS, Self Service, Kiosk) were online ones, and the rest - Card ones. Upon the change, the payment types are determined as with the other providers, namely, if the payment is made by credit card, regardless of where it comes from, the type is 'Card', and when the payment is through an alternative payment methods (hosted payment page), the payment type is "online".
  • Feratel interface. A detailed log added regarding the movement of guest registration cards.
  • Saudi Arabia fiscalization. QR codes added to the invoices according to e-invoicing law regulations.


  • In some situations with event folios and absolutely identical activities, the charges related to the one of the activities didn't show.
  • Slovenian fiscalization - minor operational changes.
  • We have removed the option for the multiple pressing of the Generate button on Housekeeping tasks screen creating a greater number of tasks than needed
  • Issues fixed with the Bulgarian fiscalization related to folios containing partial correctional folios or charges with negative quantities.

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