How to apply a Season price?

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Seasons are extremely useful in case you have long periods of time with generally the same price. 

Creating a Season

To create a new Season in a rate:

  • Load the rates which you want to edit by using Rate Search.
  • Navigate to the Seasons tab

  • Make sure that,  in the table, you have selected the year within which you wish to add a season. If necessary, change the year;
  • Use the '+' button to add a start date for a season if you don't already see the date in the table. You can add as many dates as you need for the seasons to be created.

Note: In the grey 'Rate Level' box you will see Restrictions, Guest Offsets, and Guest Levels (if any) that have been applied to the rate on a 'Rate level'.

  • Once you've added the start date of the season, you will see the new column in the table.
  • Click on the grey '+' box to add the conditions of the season for the respective rate.

The Season setup screen is divided into four tabs:

  • Season (1)- here is what you can set up here:
    • Price  -  Enter the price that will be applicable for the season.
    • Weekend Price  - Enter the price that will be applicable for the weekend days within this season, if they are different from the prices for the rest of the weekdays. Please note that the scope of which days the weekend covers is found in the rate plan to which the rate is attached.

Important: If you are creating a season in a derived rate, the 'Price' that you should enter is the amount or % difference between the derived and its base rate.

  • Restrictions (2) - enter Restrictions that will be applicable only for this season, if any. 
  • Guest Offsets (3) - enter Guest Offsets that will be applicable just for this season, if any. 
  • Guest Levels (4) - enter Guest Levels that will be applicable just for this season, if any. You have the option to copy the already configured levels of an existing rate or season. You have two buttons to copy the levels from the current rate or from the previous season, as well as the option to make a copy from any rate or season through the Copy/Paste buttons. Please note you need to have a rate configured as a "Per Guest" one to be able to activate the guest levels set in the season.

Apart from the manual season setup, for your convenience, we have added an option to the first "Season" (1) tab  to let you copy the settings of an existing season .You can open any season for editing, using the "Copy Season" button to copy all its settings (prices, restrictions, guest offsets and guest levels). In the new season, use the "Paste Season" button to transfer all the information with just one click.

  • To add the season or save the changes made, use the “Save” button in the upper right corner before leaving the screen.

Season editing

To change the configuration of a season, start in a similar way as when creating a new one:

  • Load the rates whose rates you wish to change and go to the "Seasons" section;
  • Make sure that, in the table, you have selected the year in which the season falls. If necessary, change the year;
  • Once the season is visible in the table, simply click its cell to open it for edit;

The same screen as with the season creation will be shown. You can change the settings in each of the tabs. In the first one, the Season tab:

  • You can change the start date of the season. If you do not find the desired date on the list, you should first add it as a column from the previous screen, and then open the season for edit и след това да отворите сезона за редакция. 
  • You can also delete an existing season.

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