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The Guest Mailer is one of the features of the system that is part of the GuestConnect module. Due to the functions it has, it has become an imperative part of your daily operations. Relevant and timely communication with guests is of utmost importance to increase guest satisfaction and ease operations and with the Guest Mailer, you can ensure that such will be provided with the added benefit that the process can be automated as well.

The Guest Mailer offers 3 functions:

  • Creating stunning email templates for various purposes all in-line with your brand identity while containing the relevant information which can be sent in a matter of a couple of clicks
  • Setting up some of those templates to be sent automatically at certain trigger events and with possible filtering
  • Replacing the built-in Clock Confirmation email template with a custom one

Having an email template for every need

By using Visual Builder you have all the tools that you need to create emails with stunning design and relevant information. At the same time, you can rest assured that by using the Merge tags (placeholders) you never need to worry about manually editing information prior to sending the email - all will be automatically populated in your message.

Create a template for every need - a thank you email for return guests or an email with a bonus code and have them at your fingertips to send when needed with just a couple of clicks.

Auto send

The Auto-send feature is definitely the best and main feature of the Guest Mailer. Having a robust configuration of automatic emailing will ensure that communication with the guests happens automatically and in a timely manner, ultimately easing the workload for you. You can choose between 7 different trigger events - After Creation, Before Arrival, Up To arrival, After Arrival, Before Departure, After Departure, and After Cancellation.

Furthermore, to be able to meet all needs, there are a number of filters that can also be used so that an email will be sent to some bookings but not others. Please check THIS article for full explanation of Modes and Filters. Moreover, click HERE for example setups of automatic emails.

Using a custom-designed confirmation email

Clock PMS+ has a built-in confirmation email sending function separate from the Guest Mailer, meaning you don't need to create and do anything in the guest mailer and still you will have a confirmation email available which will also be sent automatically to bookings through the BookDirect.

However, the control you have over the template is mostly related to the content - you are able to add texts, headers, footers, add your logo - but you don't have control over the overall design and positioning of the information.

Through the Guest Mailer and by using the Visual Builder, you have the opportunity and tool to build your complete custom-designed email template with all the information you want to include and all in line with your brand identity. With the user-friendliness of the Visual Builder, even users with little to no experience in template designing can create a stunning and interactive message. We have prepared a couple of ready-to-use Confirmation email templates which you can load and simply apply your changes to design and written content. Furthermore, they include configured buttons leading to the MyBooking Portal and Online check-in. Those buttons are also conveniently available as 'modules' (along with others) which you can simply drag and drop into any template you are creating.

More information about editing the Confirmation email can be found HERE.

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