MyBooking (Self Service) Portal - Functional overview

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The app allows guests to control their own booking. From the moment they receive their confirmation, they gain access to the portal through a link and can make their own requests/changes to it. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to generate additional revenue as guests can request additional services or choose a special offer suggested to them through the portal. Everything happens online, without phone calls or a visit to the front desk.

Depending on at what point of their stay guests use the app, they are provided with different options.

Before arrival

The following options are available until the time of check-in:

Booking Guarantee

If the booking has not yet been guaranteed, the customer can do so via the portal. According to the settings of the guarantee policy, they can provide their credit card details or pay the required amount directly using the payment services. This is a convenient way of guaranteeing in cases where the customer books over the phone.

Special offers (upgrades)

One of the biggest advantages of the app is the automatic upgrades that guests can do through the portal. According to the upgrade indixes you configured, guests will be offered the respective room types and rates. The system takes into account the availability and makes sure that the final price is higher than the current one for the booking. If the customer accepts the offer, the booking is automatically updated, you are notified.

Completion of registration cards

Guests can complete their registration cards, read and agree to the hotel's terms and conditions and sign their cards prior to arrival. Doing so, you can speed up the check-in process.  You can also configure which fields are required to be completed.

Enquiries about booking changes

Guests can send various requests to the hotel prior to arrival. The hotel will be notified of each request by the creation of a To-Do.

Through the portal settings, you can allow the following requests:

  • Change the booking period;
  • Room type change request;
  • Guest number change request;
  • Special Request - a free text field where guests can send a personalised message/request to the hotel;
  • Expected Arrival/Departure Time - guests can enter their expected arrival and/or departure time;
  • Arrival/Departure Transfer - for example, guests can enter a flight number and arrival/departure time in case the hotel offers an airport transfer;


If the option is enabled, guests can cancel their booking through the portal. Upon cancellation, a description of the guarantee terms and conditions shall be provided, which shall include the cancellation policy. The guest must agree to these in order to cancel.

Bookings made through OTAs cannot be cancelled through the portal. Instead, customers are prompted to cancel the booking through the relevant OTA.

When a booking is cancelled, the hotel receives a notification via To-Do generation.

All options described so far are hidden once the booking is checked in or cancelled.

Post-check-in options

The following useful features remain available to guests after check-in:

Requests for additional services

One of the additional revenue streams that the portal allows.  If enabled, guests can order additional services at any time. If an additional service is requested, the corresponding charge is automatically reflected in the booking folio and the hotel will be notified via a generated To-Do. The function is available until the booking is cancelled or marked as checked-out.

Room Service

The feature allows your guests to order food and beverages from their mobile devices through the MyBooking Portal. The order appears directly in the respective restaurant to carry it out. The feature requires you to have an active Clock POS account for which the eMenu functionality is enabled. 

Checking and paying the bill

Guests can check their bill at any time. Guests can also pay their bills if you have the integrated payment service activated and the setting for online payment via the portal is enabled.

Company invoice

Guests can change their billing details if they require an invoice in the name of a company. They can search by VAT number to see if the company details are already available in your database. If such details are found, the customer will be able to select them, otherwise they have to enter them themselves.

Requests to the Housekeeping Department

We have provided this functionality to help improve and automate cleaning requests from guests. The feature allows guests to request something without having to make a phone call or go to the front desk. Each request received through the portal, automatically creates a task in the household report.

Self checkout

With the self checkout feature, we close the full circle of possibilities for a contactless stay - from check-in to checkout. You can only use it if you have a payment service enabled. If there is an outstanding balance in the folio(s) at the time of checkout, the system will prompt the guest to pay it first. The folio will be closed if a payment is available at the time of checkout. 

Customer feedback

Feedback is crucial for business, so hotels can collect their guests' opinions through the portal. The feature is available anytime. The reviews represent a rating of 1 to 5 and a free text field where the guest can share their experience. 

View and content customisation 

  • You can customise the view of your portal to match your brand's vision. 
  • Most of the texts in the portal can be changed using the translation tool provided by Clock PMS+. By translating the fields yourself (e.g. Chinese, Arabic), you can use a language for which we do not have a ready translation. This way you can offer a customised portal to guests speaking those languages.
  • You can add additional links that are visible through the portal. They can direct guests to pages with useful information on your website, to a partner website, or to another external website. 
  • In the portal settings, you can add plugin codes to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others. 

See how to configure your MyBooking Portal HERE.

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