Clock IoT device type B

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Product description

In the product package, you will find:

  • Clock IoT device, based on the A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 mini PC;
  • Power supply adapter;
  • Network cable;
  • SD card, inserted in the device.

Front side

  • 1 - power supply port;
  • 2 и 3 - USB ports;
  • - network connection indicator;
  • 5 - network data transfer indicator;
  • - LAN port;
  • - battery connector;

Back side

  • 8 - switch on/off;
  • - hardware restart (not recommended);
  • 10 - not used;
  • 11 - SD card port;
  • 12 - USB OTG - not used;
  • 13 - HDMI port - for monitor connection;
  • 14 - SATA port - not used;
  • 15 - not used;

Operation instruction

Switching on the device

  • Plug the power supply adapter in port 1. Make sure that the power supply works by checking if a red light comes from port 1
  • Wait between 1 and 5 minutes for the OS of the device to load. The device is ready for work after the loading of the operating system. You can check this from the side ventilation opening  near the network port. If the operating system is loaded, you will see a green LED light. The LED cannot be seen directly, therefore the light coming through the opening is fable.
  • Plug the network cable in port 6.  Make sure if there is network activity by checking the lights of the LEDS of ports  (и 5) .

Switching off the device

Press button 8, hold it for more than 5 seconds until the green light through the side ventilation opening stops. Then you can switch off the device by unplugging the power supply cable.

Important: You CANNOT switch off the device directly by unplugging the power supply  cable, as the Clock IoT device has a built-in battery. In case of voltage drop, the device can work for about two more hours (depending on the battery charge). 


  • Press button 8 and hold it for more than 5 seconds. After the lights stop, press the same button for 5 more seconds. 
  • For a hardware restart, hold button down for about 2 seconds. Please perform a hardware restart of the device, only if upon recommendation from the Clock PMS+ support team.

Work Safety

  • Avoid leaving the Clock IoT without power supply for long periods;
  • Always switch off the device in the instructed manner;
  • Perform a restart only if necessary.


If you have performed all steps to switch on the device and you do not see a green light coming from the side opening after waiting for it for some time as described above, press button 8  down for more than 5 seconds. Wait for some time needed by the OS to load.

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