Selecting your Payment Processor in Clock PMS+ / Clock POS

Modified on: Fri, 17 Nov, 2023 at 11:06 AM


Important: Please note that the following is applicable when using one of these payment processors:

  • Elavon (see HERE how to configure)
  • Worldline/Six Payments (see HERE how to configure) 
  • Adyen v2 (contact our Customer Service team for a configuration)
  • Stripe (see HERE how to configure) 

Activating the connection in Clock PMS+

Please log in to Clock PMS+ and go to the Navigation menu-> Settings-> All Settings-> Payment Processing-> Credit card.

Review all settings as they will be applied to the payment interface as well.

For example - which credit card types will be available (1).

Note: If the CSV code is required in the payment processor settings please activate in the Credit card settings of Clock PMS+ (2)

Once done please select the corresponding payment processor in the 'Payment Service Provider' field and save (3).

This will mark the processor as the default one for your account.

Important: Once the connection is activated all credit cards will be sent to the default payment processor for verification. Each failed validation will add an additional To-Do task for the booking in order to notify you about this. The most common cause for this will be the virtual credit cards from the OTAs as they are usually active during the booking period.

Activating the connection in Clock POS

Clock POS works with only a payment terminal.

To select your default payment service provider, please navigate to menu Management->Account info-> select your provider from the dropdown in the Payment Service Provider.

Guarantee Options

Once the interface configuration and payment processor selection are done, you need to make sure that the correct payment service is selected in your Guarantee options for them to be used on the Web Reservation System and MyBooking Portal.

1. Navigate to menu Settings->All Settings-> Bookings-> Guarantee policy.

2. Edit the Guarantee Options for which you require either valid Credit Card details or details and prepayment.

3. Select the 'Credit card tokenization/payment' service in the 'Payment services' list.

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