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Edit prices and rates for each individual day

In this section, you can edit the prices and the rate parameters of the loaded rates for each day separately. Here are the options:

  • You can see the availability by unit types or in total for the whole hotel, for each day of the selected period;
  • You can see the calculated end prices of the derived rates;
  • You can change the price or the restrictions (stop, min stay of length, etc.) for each date;
  • You can quickly copy the price or a given restriction from a date to the next one;
  • You can quickly copy the price or a given restriction from a given date to the end of the loaded period;
  • You can quickly copy the price or a restriction from a given date to dates and/or periods selected by you;
  • By default, the screen opens from the current date to the end of the current month. To load a specific period, select the month from the top left corner. If you wish another period, you can select it from the calendar that opens with the '...' button. The maximum period is 31 days. If you have made changes that are not saved, when you change the period you will receive a warning that if you continue you will lose the changes.

By default, the screen loads in the price edit mode. Click in the corresponding date cell to edit the price for that day. Through the “Tab” key, you can quickly move to the cell for the next date.  In addition to being able to fill in the value, you have quick buttons to:

  • Copy the current value for this date to the next date;
  • Copy the current value to all dates afterwards loaded in the table;
  • Copy the current value for this date in the periods or dates selected by you. To this end, you have a calendar to select the respective update dates  from.

Rate prices are displayed in the dark grey cells, and manual adjustments - in the blue ones. You will distinguish the prices of the derived rates through the "=" sign next to the price itself.

The corrected days are marked in yellow. In the Edit mode for the price, you can also see the min length of stay (in the upper left corner), if any set for the date. If the day is stopped, the cell has a red stroke and/or a “STOP” inscription.

Edit restrictions

To switch to the edit mode and correct a restriction, use the blue button in the upper right corner. Select the parameter to be edited. The edit is similar to the one of the price, as you can once again use the copy functions. If there are restrictions set for a date that are not displayed in the specific mode of operation, the cell displays "...". You can use the "Show All" option, activated from the same location, to display all restrictions set by day.

To save the changes, select the second button in the upper right corner. Next to it, you can find an 'Undo/Refresh' button to revert the state of all changes to the one from the last save. If after the last save, there are no changes, the button only refreshes the screen.

Adding new rates

You can add new rates (from the Rate section) or load existing ones (through the search button) without losing the unsaved changes by days.

In addition, from the green eye button in the upper right corner, you have the following options:

  • You can choose if info of the availability of each room type or the hotel occupancy is loaded;
  • Hide/show the final prices of the derived rates;    
  • Use large table font for better data legibility;

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