How to Handle Deposits Through the Transfer Payment Model

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We will look at how deposits are processed when working with the "Transfer payment" model, what the documents look like when there is a deposit payment and what the possible operations with deposits are.

Deposit Use for Service Payment

  • Open the folio in which you want to use the deposit;
  • Select the "Get Deposit from..." button on the "Payment" tab;
  • Select a deposit folio, if available, or search for deposit folios of other bookings or companies;
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer;

As a result:

The transferred amount is reflected in the destination folio as a "Transfer (internal)" payment type, and in the source(deposit) folio as a negative payment of the same type. For the amount withdrawn, an adjustment (credit) folio is automatically created to the deposit folio.

Upon closing the folio in which the deposit was used, the system issues a document for the full amount of services. The deposit amount is added as a "Transfer (internal)" payment on the document.

Voiding Payments Made Through the "Get Deposit from..." option

If you have used the "Get Deposit from..." option and you have registered an incorrect transfer to a folio, you must void that deposit transfer payment to refund the deposit amount.

Transferred amounts are voided in three steps:

  • On the folio screen where the deposit was used, void the payment marked with the payment type "Transfer (internal)";
  • On the deposit folio screen, void the negative payment marked with payment type "Transfer (internal)";
  • On the deposit folio screen, open and void the correction folio for the appropriate amount;

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