Clock PMS+ Update (31 Mar 2021)

Modified on: Wed, 14 Sep, 2022 at 7:20 PM


Open Correction Folios Replaced with Drafts

We have made a change to our financial system to reduce the number of errors related to forgotten open correction folios.

Up till now, the open correction folio and the charges in it used to be treated as valid ones. In other words, the charges were part of the revenue, and the amount of the open correction folio was deducted from the balance of the main folio. This behaviour often contributed to such folios being forgotten and left open, as their result was visible without being necessary to close them. So this change has been made to reduce such errors.

The new behaviour is, as follows:  now there are no more open correction folios. They are replaced with drafts (not yet closed documents). While being draft documents, their amounts will not be included in the balance of the main folio, and their charges will not be reflected in the revenue. As early as their closing, such documents will be saved and accounted for by the system.

The above behaviour will apply to all newly created correction folios upon the update. The old correction folios will continue to be accounted for by the system as before, i.e. this change will not have any impact on the financial reports for past dates.

If using Deposit folios, you should be aware of one more change introduced. We have removed the option for the manual creation of correction folios to Deposit folios, a complex operation often leading to errors due to the manual nature of the operation. The automatic Full correction feature has been preserved.

WRS and Blocks

To the WRS, we have added an option for guests to make bookings for rooms from a preset block. To do so, they need to enter the block code given by you.

To allow WRS bookings for rooms from a certain block, you need to enter a code. You can use the “Generate” button to have a 6-digit code generated. To enable  WRS bookings for a block, this block has to have a rate or manual price set, and its status is not to be Optional or Cancelled.

We have added the Block codes to the standard BEO printout, as well as to the sample email template. You can also create your own template that contains codes only for a clearer communication with the customer.

To activate this option in the WRS, change the Show setting of the WRS. When a guest enters the Block code in the WRS, they will see the available rooms from the respective block (remaining pickup), as well as the rate/manual price of the block. The guarantee policy to be used for the creation of the booking is the one selected in the rate. If the block is with a manual price and no rate, the default guarantee policy for the WRS.

Such bookings will be associated with the Block and will draw on its availability. For a session, a customer can book rooms from different blocks as long as their guarantee policy is the same.


  • POS - We have added info of credit card payments to the bill printouts. The info is similar to what is contained in receipts printed by the Credit Card terminal. This feature is only supported by the new integrated payment service providers - Elavon and SIX Payments for the time being.
  • In Ledgers (Guest Ledger, Company Ledger and Deposit Ledger), the amount currency is now in a separate column. This way, exports to Excel are more useful.
  • SIX Payment - we have changed the tokenization method, so that it no longer  uses pre-authorization for 1.01 EUR, but a special command: Alias Insert.


  • Sweden. Added the date pertaining to the report data in the fiscal Z Report for Sweden.
  • IDeaS. Added a new Export Statistics Window setting to the provision settings. The setting determines the number of days for which statistical data will be sent to IDeaS. It can accept values ranging from 365 to 730 (365 by default) and is particularly useful for ensuring right price suggestions for hotels with a long booking lead time. Please consult IDeaS about the change of the setting, if needed. The bug with the booking export has also been fixed.
  • Slovenian fiscalization. Added support for the city tax treated as a VAT free sale and fiscalized as Other Tax Amount. For the proper functioning of the new feature, you need to set the Tax code for the City Tax in the settings. The respective Tax code is to be also set in the City Tax - tax code field in the fiscalization settings(Other > Settings > Fiscalization > Edit fiscalization). Please note that thus set, Tax code will also be visible in the printout for the customer.
  • API. Added a new document types in the base_api endpoint:
    • WRS. An improved visualisation of the period of booked SPA procedures.
    • API. Added a new wbe_config endpoint giving info of the set Arrival and fixed stay restrictions.
    • API. Added a payment reference to the external system in the credit_items and credit_item_log endpoints.
    • API. New endpoints for easier access to company folios and creation of a new company folio.
    • API. Added parameters for including the optionally blocked rooms and segmenting the data of blocked and occupied rooms in the  occupancy_forecast endpoint.
    • Fiskaly TSS (Technical Safety System) integration. According to § 146a AO and the KassenSichV the business transaction must be secured with TSE / TSS. To comply with this registration, we have integrated the Cloud TSS provider Fiskaly and now when a balanced folio is closed, it is automatically secured with the cloud TSS, as the necessary details are added to the folio printout. The TSS tar export is also available for archiving and auditing purposes. Please contact the support team upon contracting the feature with our sales representative.
    • MarketMan. The integration has been migrated to the new improved version of MarketMan API V3. Added an option for the selection of a currency into which the data to be exported to MarketMan, as well as an option for including the Revenue category when specifying the item category for the export.

For the activation of the new interface, you need to request the association of your MarketMan account with Clock PMS+, as well as to request your Buyer GUID which then to be added to the settings in Clock POS.

The list of items with a configured  inventory code in Clock POS is regularly sent to MarketMan. The Revenue Group, or a combination of Revenue Group and Category configured for the idem is sent as a POS category. If you want to see the mentioned POS category in the Menu Items menu of MarketMan you need to ask your MarketMan account manager to map the Sale Category to the POS category


  • Elavon. We have changed the credit card tokenization for OTA bookings. Now you can go through the check and tokenization even without a CSV code, if such one is not provided by the OTA channel.
  • Six Payments - now PED devices with a built-in printer are also supported.
  • A fixed bug preventing the addition of a rate tag to derived and occupancy adaptable rates.
  • A fixed bug that led to an incorrect calculation of the block, if there was a package rate involved which contained an element with offset days, as for the last date the value of the element with offset days was missing.
  • Inactive Room Types - we have hidden them from the filter lists in two more places - Rate & Availability и  Room Calendar
  • Occupancy/Revenue Forecast and Pace Report - a fixed bug that caused the incorrect accounting for charges in terms of the revenue date.
  • Charges Balanced Split - a fixed bug that led to a calculation error if a value was entered for the source folio.
  • A fixed bug that prevented the edit of a task from the Payment Autopilot, if the Folio charge calculation scheme was selected for the task
  • A fixed bug with the links to Archived companies in the Charges Summary Report & Charge Summary DMY Report.

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