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This feature lets you create one or more floor plans of the tables in your restaurant. This way you can much more intuitively connect the table numbers with their actual location in your restaurant. Here is a brief description of the feature options:

Creating Floor Plans

  • Save the current table list. If you add one or several floor plans, they will appear as tabs on the Main screen from where you can change them or open the old table list. If your restaurant has more tables and they cannot fit in a single floor plan, you can add separate floor plans for the different sectors or parts of it, e.g. "Main", "Bar", "Terrace", etc.
  • To add floor plans, go to Management -> Floor Plan.
  • Click Add and fill in a short name for the floor plan, an order number (in the tab), as well as if it is active (visible).
  • To edit the floor plan, select the “SVG Editor” from the list. Please note that this editor may not work properly on mobile devices. Use a laptop or desktop computer to prepare the floor plan. Thus created, the floor plan is supported by mobile devices, as well as it supports zоом-in/out and pan gestures.

Here is how you can use the floor plan editor:

  • First, select the floor plan size. You can test several sizes and select the one that is most convenient for the devices you use. Also, you can create different floor plans for different devices. It’s all up to you. To change the floor plan size, go to the SVG Edit in the top left corner - Document Properties. Enter the size and or choose one from "Select Predefined". Click OK to save.
  • You can use drawing tools (rectangular and other shapes) to draw walls or other static elements. You can also add a big rectangular background if you wish.
  • If you have a ready-to-use image of your floor plan, you can use it directly. This way, your floor plan will be much more precise and you won’t need to draw anything.
    • If you use an image for your floor plan, it must be uploaded on the internet. If you don’t have where to upload it, you can use the Image Library of your Clock PMS+ account for this purpose (In your PMS account, go to Settings - Logos / Image Library). Upon uploading it, click the blue button and copy the Image URL field.
    • In the floor plan editor, from the toolbar on the left, select the "Image Tool" icon and click on the plan. In the URL field, enter the already copied URL.
    • Resize the image and adjust it through the mouse.

Dynamic elements

Here is how you can add dynamic elements to the floor plan:

  • You can add three different types of dynamic elements to the floor plan: Table name, Table amount, Colour overlay (red one, if the bill is not settled);
  • Table name. Select the text element icon (left menu) and click on the floor plan. Type '#' and then the table name, e.g. "#10", "#bar1", "#sc25", etc. This name will appear on the floor plan without the '#' sign and you will be able to click it to open the table. You can change the font colour and size to make it more visible;
  • Table amount. Same as above, instead of the '#' sign, you can type the '$' sign and the table number, e.g. "$10", "$bar1", "$sc25", etc.
  • Colour overlay. You can add a figure to be coloured in red, if the table has an order. Add a circle or rectangular by choosing the respective icon from the left toolbar. Then click the selection icon (the topmost one in the left toolbar) and click on the shape. Colour it in the colour denoting an empty table (e.g. green, white or another colour). To bind it to the actual table, in the "id" field (in the middle of the upper toolbar), enter "_" and then the number of the table. Here are examples: "_10", "_bar1", "_sc25", etc. To save the entered value, press Enter.
  • Click the Save button to save the floor plan (in the upper right corner of the screen). If “Active” is selected for the floor plan, it will appear on the Main screen. Click the respective table (Table name, Table amount or Overlay) to open a new or existing bill.
  • On the Main screen of the POS, at the bottom, you can select which floor plan (including the old table list) to be the default one for the device.

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