Refund of Overpaid Deposit Amounts

Modified on: Mon, 19 Sep, 2022 at 9:26 AM


Clock PMS+ provides you with several ways to refund overpaid amounts registered in deposit folios:

Refund of the Entire Deposit Amount (unused deposit)

1. Deposit Folio Voiding

Open the deposit folio to be voided and select the Issue->Void (3) button. The system will void the folio (invoice if you have issued one) and all payments in it;

2. Full Correction of Deposit Folio

Open the deposit folio to be corrected and select the Issue->Full Correction(2) button. The system will create a correction(credit) folio for the full amount of the deposit. To activate the correction folio and issue a credit note, select the "Issue->Close" (1) button. A negative payment for the refunded amount must be added to the main deposit folio.

Partial Refund of Deposit Amount (a part of the deposit is used)

When you need to refund a part of the deposit to the customer because the used services are for a smaller amount than the deposit, please follow these steps:

  • Open the deposit folio and add the negative payment for the amount to be refunded to the customer;
  • To finalise the operation with a document, click the  Issue->Deposit Adjustment (2). The system will create and close a correction folio through the same type of document as the one used for the deposit registration;

Tip: If the 'Deposit Adjustment' feature is NOT ACTIVE, after posting a payment to the deposit folio, simply refresh the current page of the browser and try again to choose it.

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