Elavon Fusebox - available for North America and Caribbean region

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The integration between Clock PMS+ and one of the leading payment processors - Elavon Fusebox, allows you to seamlessly process payments from various points - Web Reservation system, MyBooking portal, or through the guest folios.

It supports all features part of the payment processing package - tokenization, pre-authorization + capture/release, refunds, and accepting payments through physical card terminals at the property. 

Note: Using Elavon Fusebox enables you to make full use of the groundbreaking Payment Autopilot module.


To configure the connection between Clock PMS+ and Elavon Fusebox go to menu Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->Elavon and enter the following details: 

  • Terminal (1) - code that should be provided to you by Elavon Fusebox.
  • Location name (2) -  code that should be provided to you by Elavon Fusebox.
  • Chain code (3) -  code that should be provided to you by Elavon Fusebox.
  • Currency (4) - select the currency.
  • Partial acceptance (5) - select if you will accept partial payments (see example below).

Example: The amount for payment is 100 USD, but the card has only 80 USD available. The transaction will not be declined and the 80 USD will be charged instead.

  • Mark the connection Live (6).

Adding terminals

Using Elavon Fusebox allows you to also utilize physical card terminals at the property and those need to be added to the interface configuration

Important: You will need a Clock IoT device for the communication between Clock PMS+ and the terminal/s. Order from HERE if you don't have one yet.

Important: The Clock IoT device and the Elavon Fusebox terminal/s need to be connected to the same local network. Check HERE for more information on the network config for the IoT device.

  • In Clock PMS+ go to menu Settings->All Settings->Payment Processing->Elavon->click the 'Terminals' button on the top right side.
  • Click the blue 'Add' button on the top right and enter the details.
  • IoT device connected to (1) - select the IoT device
  • Name (2) - this is the name of the terminal which you will see in Clock PMS+. This will be extremely helpful in cases you operate with several terminals, as the name will give you an indication of which is which e.g. 'Handheld terminal'; 'Front desk terminal'; 'Backup terminal'
  • IP (3) - enter the IP address of the terminal
  • Port (4) - enter Port. Usually 6000
  • Wait timeout (5) - the amount of time which the terminal will wait for the transaction to be completed before timing out. By default it is 300 seconds.
  • Printing enabled (6) - select if your terminal has an embedded printer and you wish to print transaction receipts for the payments.
  • Enable TIPs (7) - select if you wish the guest to be able to add a TIP to their payment through the terminal.

Finalizing configuration

Once the above is completed, navigate to Clock PMS+ menu Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->Credit Card and select the following:

  • In the section Payment Service Provider, select Elavon from the dropdown menu (1).
  • Select if you will require guests to enter CSV code when entering card details (2).
  • Select if you require guests to enter their Address when entering card details (2).
  • Check the selections in section 'Accepted Credit Cards' and update them if needed (3).

Finally, you need to set your Guarantee options with the correct payment service.

  • Go to menu Settings->All Settings->Bookings->Guarantee policy.
  • edit your guarantee options and select 'Credit Card tokenization/payment' as a payment service.

Important: Successful transactions will automatically be posted to the folios.

Configuring in Clock POS

Settings are done from menu Management->Elavon Fusebox and are identical as the ones in Clock PMS+. 

The only difference comes when adding the terminal information as the devices have unique IP addresses.

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