Capacity Adjustment

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The  Capacity Adjustment option enables you to add or subtract rooms from the respective availability of rooms for any date and room type.

Use the feature to effectively perform some specific operations like:

  • Controlled Overbooking. Increase the number of the available rooms for sale for certain dates. This way you can create and use controlled overbooking. The controlled overbooking can help you compensate for the normal amount of no-shows and cancellations. As a result, you can reach maximum hotel occupancy and even sell your last rooms.
  • Fast Block. You can easily stop the sale of a certain amount of rooms for a given period of time, and there is no need to create an event or bookings. After creating an event (or booking), it is just as easy to remove this adjustment.
  • External Availability. Using the API, you can manage hotel availability through an external system (like Revenue Management), increasing or decreasing the number of rooms for sale.

How Does It Work?

The Capacity Adjustment participates in the calculation of the available rooms for sale. It adds or subtracts amounts from the number of rooms entered by you (or set through the API).

The positive values add available rooms for sale, and the negative ones decrease the number of available rooms for sale. The resulting value of available rooms becomes the current availability for the whole system:

  • Occupancy Forecast, Rate and Availability, Rates Management/Days screen, etc.
  • BookDirect. Your BookDirect (WRS) will sell (or stop the sale of) rooms depending on the resulting value of available rooms.
  • Channel Manager. The Channel Manager will receive the new values of available rooms. 

To set the Capacity Adjustment:

  • Choose 'Availability' - 'Occupancy Forecast' from the navigation bar.
  • In the 'Adjustment' row of a room type, select one or more days: Select a date (by clicking it), consecutive dates (by dragging them) or random dates (holding the Ctrl key or the Cmd key and clicking/dragging).
  • Click on the 'Adjustment' button.
  • Enter a positive value to add rooms or a negative one to subtract rooms from the value of available rooms. 
  • Save.

Example: If you have available DBL rooms for Jan 1: entering 2 will result in 7 available rooms, and entering -2 will result in 3 available rooms.

Change Log

If you want to see when and by whom the Capacity Adjustment data was changed, select a room type from the small eye icon to the right of the Adjustment button.

Note: Only users with the Availability Adjustment user right granted can change the capacity adjustment. 

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