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The new BookDirect module targets groups of hotels. It allows your guests to search and review your hotels from a selected destination. Guests will easily and quickly get information on which hotels have rooms available and what the starting rates are at each. For the hotels for which there are no rooms available, they will be able to check the "Availability Calendar" and find available dates

By offering all of your hotels on a centralised website instead of individual ones, you give guests the opportunity to choose the price that's right for them and the location. Enable BookDirect for Groups to improve your conversion rate.

Important: Please note that the BookDirect for Hotel Groups is a 'shell' that encompasses several hotels and their individual BookDirect, meaning that every property must have its individual BookDirect fully configured.

How does it work?

  • When the guest opens BookDirect for Groups, on the first page they see a choice of destinations and period of stay. They can also fill in the special codes - bonus code, company code, or block code.
  • You have the option to brand the page with your corporate colour and background and choose a light or dark theme.
  • Destination organisation is entirely up to you - it can be by city, county, state, or whatever you decide.
  • After filling in the destination, stay and possibly the codes, the guest can view the list of hotels. You have a setting to determine the order of the hotels in the list.
  • In the hotel list, the guest can see if there are rooms available and the minimum prices. Additionally, there is quick access to the hotel gallery, description, and map with its location.
  • For hotels with availability, the guest can proceed to booking. This will open the BookDirect page for the specific hotel on the room types page from where to continue booking.
  • The guest can return to the list of all hotels and select another hotel until they find the right one for them.
  • Hotels without available rooms are sorted at the end of the list. If the guest insists on a particular hotel, they can view the "Availability Calendar" through which they can find available days for that particular hotel.

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