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Modified on: Sat, 1 Oct, 2022 at 5:52 PM


There are additional functions on the Event page that assist you with your daily operations.


Apart from the Guarantee status of an event, we've added also a status of the state of the event - expected, checked-in, checked-out, cancelled/no show. Use the Checked-in/Checked-out statuses once the first guest or organizer arrives and respectively, the last guest/organizer leaves.

We have chosen an implementation with two statuses instead of one to avoid the loss of important information. This way you can also have information of lost business (Cancelled, No Show) and what guarantee status was in this case (Allotment, Option, Non-Guaranteed, Guaranteed).

Important: Cancelling or marking an event as 'No show' will NOT cancel/no show hotel room bookings related to the event. If those are also not happening along with the event, please make sure you cancel/no show them manually. 

Note: When cancelling or marking an event as no show, the system will ask you if the valid event folios should be voided.

Credit Card

You can save Credit Card details in the event page which, later on, you can use to charge amounts through the folio as long as you use a supported and configured payment processor.

Additionally, if you utilize the Online Event Confirmation App and the organizer pays a required deposit through the app, the card they have used for the payment will be automatically stored. Furthermore, if there is a card already stored, the organizer can opt to use that card for deposit payment or provide another one.

Bulk Update

To give you more options for a quicker and easier edit of your more complex events, we have added a Bulk update screen. Its main purpose is to let you change the event dates and the number of guests in all activities and charges in a few clicks only.

To access the new screen, open the Event and select Functions-> Bulk Update

On just one screen, you can see and edit:

  • Event period;
  • Dates and quantities of charges posted to the folios of the Event;
  • Date and PAX for every Meeting Room Booking;
  • Date and quantity of the charges related to Meeting Room Bookings;
  • Descriptions and Notes related to Meeting Room Bookings (press the button (1) to open them for edit);
  • Date and PAX for every Catering;
  • Date and quantity of the charges related to every Catering;
  • Descriptions and Notes related to Catering (press the button (1) to open them for edit)

For even quicker and more comfortable edit, we have added the Autofill (2) feature to this screen. Use it to prevent the multiple entering of one and the same data on the Bulk Update screen.

If, for example, you want to shift everything with 1 day and change the Quantity (PAX), open the autofill and in the dates section, set the new date, while in the quantities section, enter the new value. This will save you a significant amount of time as you won't need to change the date for the event, meeting room bookings, and catering activities one by one (which for some Events can be hundreds of lines/entries), rather, you just set the new date/qty and all will be changed automatically.

Note: In the images above, the '40.0' refers to quantity of charges (e.g. 40.0 Coffee break - snacks), while the '40' refers to the number of PAX.

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