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The Web Reservation System (WRS) of Clock PMS+ can be used for direct bookings by your partners. This way, you use the WRS to provide your partners with special offers that are otherwise not available.


Adding a company profile to the WRS

  • On the navigation bar, click on 'Company' - 'Search - Company';
  • Edit or create the company profile;
  • Please enter or choose a value for the 'Access code' and the 'Role' fields from the WRS section;
    • Access code - the code needed in the WRS for the partner to access the company profile rates;
    • Role - if the profile is to be treated as Company or an Agent for the created WRS booking;

Selecting the rates for the company profile

  • On the navigation bar, click on 'Company' - 'Search - Company';
  • Use the search tool to find and edit the company profile;
  • Section 'Rate' allows you directly select rates that will be available in the WRS for this profile.

The rates can be selected  from the '+Add' button . Hold 'Ctrl / Cmd' and click on the lines containing the desired rates to add multiple rates at once.

Note: Instead of selecting individual rates, you can also attach a 'Company contract' to the profile, making the rates in the contract available on the WRS. More info on Company Contracts can be found HERE.


If you have at least one company profile for which the above settings are completed, there will be a new field on the first page of the WRS called 'Company code'.

After entering the code, only the company profile rates will be used for the next steps of the booking process.

On the third page of the WRS you will be able to choose a contact person based on the settings of the company (if such is selected in the profile settings) or to enter the details for a different person.

Upon the completion of the booking process, a booking will be created with the selected rate and the Company profile, as this Company profile will be added as a Company or Agent (depending on the settings of the profile).


  • The company code is case sensitive.
  • It is not necessary to publish the rates associated with the company profile in the standard WRS settings.

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