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Custom Charge Fields are a helpful tool that will allow you to add information to Charge Templates for which there isn't a designated field available.

Use of custom charge fields

Most notably, Custom fields are used if you have an export to an accounting system which usually requires a 'General Ledger' code attached to the charges, so that the information is allocated to the correct ledger in the accounting system. As by default, such a field is not available, you can create it.

Creation of custom charge fields

Navigate to menu Settings->All Settings-> Charges & Taxes->Charge custom fields-> click '+'.

Name (1): Enter a field name This name is only for the back end of the application. Allowed characters: a-z, '_', 0-9 (but not the first character). Example: 'gl_account'.

Type (2): There are several field types to choose from:

  • String: Allows both alphabetical and numerical values with max 255 characters.
  • Text field: The field allows the entry of text or numerical information. In addition, a value list can be defined to select from instead of typing the data every time.
  • Numerical field: This field is for entering numerical values only. Here you can also define a list of allowed values to select from instead of typing them every time.
  • Date: The field is for dates, as the system will open a calendar to select a date.
  • Phone: The field is for phone numbers, as their format is checked by the system.
  • Email: The field is for email addresses, as their format is checked by the system.
  • Country: A field with a list of countries of your choosing.
  • Language: A field with a list of the subscription languages.

Value list (3): You can set up a value list with pre-defined values. This way, you can select the Value in a charge template instead of typing it, which helps prevent mistakes and mismatches.

Important: When entering the values, please follow the structure that the example in the explainer text presents, namely:

Value(saved in database): Value(visible to the users)

After you have created your custom charge field you will be able to add the needed information in the charge templates that need it.

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