Deposit Folios and Deposit Registration

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Deposit folios are designed to reflect advance payments from customers. They are maintained for reservations, companies  and events. Once you have recorded the payment you can close the folio and issue an invoice. Services cannot be charged to the deposit folio. Services used are charged to standard booking, company and event folios. Amounts in deposit folios may be used to pay for services charged in standard folios. Balances in deposit folios are tracked in the reports.

Tip: If an invoice is not required for the prepaid amount, you can add the payment directly to the standard folio where services will be charged.

Creating a deposit folio and registering a deposit

Regardless of the deposit model you choose, the steps for creating the deposit folio and registering the deposit itself are the same.

1.Deposit folio in a booking

  • Locate the booking and open it for review;
  • Select the "Add Deposit Folio" button in the "Rates and Folios" section;
  • In the newly created folio, select the "New Payment" button (5) and enter the amount paid;
  • Close the folio to issue an invoice, click "Issue->Close"(1);  

Note: To issue an invoice for the deposit you are required to have a pre-defined charge template of the "Pre-Invoiced Deposit" revenue group. If you accept deposits for services at different tax rates, you should prepare a separate template for each rate. For more information, see “Charge Templates”

2. Company deposit folio

  • Locate and open the company for review;
  • In the "Folios" section, select the "Add Deposit Folio" button;
  • Follow the same steps as booking to add a payment and issue an invoice.

3. Event deposit folio

  • Find the event and open it for review
  • In the "Folios" section, select the "Add Deposit Folio" button;
  • Follow the above steps to add a payment and issue an invoice.

Deposit folio operations

Allowed deposit folio operations are:

  • Void deposit folio - executed from the folio screen, the "Issue->Void" button(4) - cancels the entire folio and all payments in it;
  • Full correction -  it can only be applied to closed folios, executed from the folio screen, button "Issue->Full correction"(3). A correction folio is created for the full deposit amount. To activate the correction folio, select the "Issue->Close"(1) button. A negative payment must be added to the main deposit folio. Use the void option when you need to return the full amount to the customer;
  • Deposit Adjustment - you can apply the Issue -> Deposit Adjustment (2) button only to closed folios. It lets you issue a correctional folio (a negative or positive one). The feature is active only if the deposit folio is not balanced, i.e.  upon its closure, a new payment has been added (a positive or negative one). Depending on the change type, the system issues and closes the correctional folio containing the respective positive or negative charge. You can use this feature in the cases when you need to refund part of the amount to the customer;
  • Void payment - if you have made a payment error, select the "Void"(6) button in the row of the corresponding payment, in the deposit folio screen; 


To easily track deposit operations and their status, we have provided the necessary reports. You can access these reports by going to the navigation bar and select Reports->All Reports. The info of deposit folios you can find in:

  • Payment Report  - detailed info of payments, registered in deposit folios ;
  • Closed Folios Report  -  detailed info of closed deposit folios ;
  • Closed Folios Summary Report - summarised info of  closed deposit folios ;
  • Deposit Ledger -  detailed info of  the movement in deposit folios ; 
  • Trial balance - summarised info of  the movement in deposit folios ;
  • Remaining Deposits Report - detailed info of available amounts in deposit folios.

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