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When working with a lot of Events or Groups with blocks, the Block Pickup report will be a valuable tool through which you can track applied blocks for a period, event or company and their conversion. This way, you will have a full picture of the situation and analyze conversion rates, release unused blocks or follow up with organizers about fulfilling their blocks.

To access the report, navigate to menu Event-> Block pickups and simply enter the period for which you want to see the block situation. As an addition, you can use the Company and Event filters to get more specific information.

The information you will see in the report is:

  • each individual block for each event listed (1)
  • the status of the block and event (2) - in example above, we have the first block which is an Optional block in a Non-guaranteed event. The rest of the blocks are Active blocks in a Non-guaranteed event.
  • the total number of blocked rooms (3)
  • the number of converted blocks (4)
  • the remaining blocks for pickup (5)

Of course, at the bottom of the report you will see total per day or summarized (depending on what view of the report you've selected) and a pickup %.

Report type

In the filters for generating the report you will see the field 'Report type' and you can select between Pickup % and Availability.

  • If you use Pickup % you will see all blocks including the optional/allotment ones and a pickup %
  • If you use Availability you will see only Active blocks.

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