Beyond our control, your browser installations (Chrome, Edge, etc) have already or are about to undergo an automatic update that will prevent the use of the HTTP protocol, required by Epson for the use of their printers, in connection with the POS. Based on public information and various press releases, we expect these changes to be enforced in most browsers during the next few months.

The Solution

This change has NO EFFECT on Clock PMS+ or components of the PMS+ other than the POS

In your best interest and to ensure continued use of these browsers and printers with the POS, we have developed a solution. It requires the use of a Clock IoT device, which will bridge your local network with the cloud servers of Clock in a secure manner and will allow you to continue to operate efficiently, using the same printers and browsers.

For those of you who already have a Clock IoT device connected to your Clock POS account, you will be able to switch to HTTPS even today! Our support department will gladly assist you. 

Those of you who don’t have a Clock IoT device yet will need to acquire one for every POS account in operation (that is not every device on which you operate Clock POS but rather every restaurant or bar). To further ease the process we have adjusted the pricing of the Clock IoT devices to the following:

Connector Software fee: € 9 per POS account, per month
Hardware: € 250 € 70 + delivery per Clock IoT device, based on Raspberry Pi

For those of you who acquired the IoT device at the previous standard price, we will not be applying the Connector Software fee, since in your case it was included in the fee of the bundle. 

Order your Clock IoT devices

Action required

To avoid interruption of service, we will mass update all Clock POS accounts on the 1st August 2021 forcing every single one to follow the HTTPS protocol. You will need to have a Clock IoT Device added to your local area network by then, in accordance with the relevant requirements as published HERE, to ensure proper operation. Please consult support if you have any questions on that topic.