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Our Austrian fiscalization feature is the result of our cooperation with fiskaly GmbH ( is the brand name), as we use their licensed fiscalization API for fiscalization in Clock PMS+ and Clock POS.

Before the activation of the fiscalization feature, you need to have an (by fiskaly GmbH) account for each Clock PMS+ and Clock POS account that has to be fiscally compliant (e.g. if running a hotel and a restaurant, you will need two Obono accounts). Here are the plans offered by (by fiskaly GmbH).

Obono will require tax information that can be obtained from FinanzOnline (the online service of the Austrian tax administration). Check the attached document to see what type of information they need.

A three-step activation process:

1. Activate a new merchant/cash register in the system;

2. Ask Clock Software support team to activate the Austrian fiscalization policy for the accounts which have to be fiscally compliant;

3. Add the fiscalization details to our accounts (PMS+/POS);

STEP 1. Activating a new merchant/cash register into system.

1.1. Before you can activate a new merchant/cash register in, you need to have an active production account. You can register and buy a new account or log in to your existing one at;

1.2. Select Einstellungen and fill in the necessary information.

If you are not sure what to fill in here, please consult your tax advisor.

1.3. Save the information.

STEP 2. Contact Clock Software support at and request the activation of the Austrian fiscal policy option for the accounts that have to be fiscally compliant.

STEP 3. Activate the fiscalization for your accounts (Clock PMS+/Clock POS).

3.1. For Clock PMS+, open 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Fiscalization' - 'Edit fiscal policy settings'.

For Clock POS, open 'Management' - 'Fiscalization' - 'Edit fiscal policy settings'.

And fill in your login credentials from, as well as the company type and number. You will need to do this for each account that has to be fiscally compliant. Please don't forget to keep your credentials up to date to ensure the proper functioning of the fiscal interface.

Upon clicking the "Submit" button, the system will check your credentials and if everything is in order, the connection status will change to "Connected".

Important: At, you can manually fiscalize bills, but it is very important NOT to use this feature to avoid report discrepancies between Clock PMS+/POS and

The Specifics of the Austrian Fiscalisation Feature in Clock PMS+ article illustrates how the transactions from Clock PMS + and Clock POS will be fiscalized.

You can contact fiskaly GmbH support team at:

You can contact fiskaly GmbH sales team at:


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