1. Housekeeping activities, scheme and forecast
  2. Housekeeping Sectors

By default, each Clock PMS+ account is set to use the 'Room Status' housekeeping functionality (Legacy Housekeeping, more information here: Housekeeping - Legacy model). Housekeeping V2 is a functionality which provides you the option to manage your housekeeping by 'Housekeeping Tasks'.

Here are the cases the Housekeeping V2 is focused on:

  • Which rooms should be cleaned and what procedures and consumables will be needed for each room, considering the fact that tasks can differ depending on the specific day of stay, room type and rate (package);
  • How many housekeepers will be necessary to perform the tasks for next week;
  • How to evenly distribute the tasks among the available housekeepers;
  • How to inform housekeepers of the rooms with early arrival which are a high priority;
  • How to let housekeepers know that certain rooms need an additional bed or baby cot;
  • How to notify housekeepers that a guest has specific wishes, e.g. 'More blankets' or 'Lower pillows';
  • How to better make it clear that, for certain rooms, special consumables are needed, e.g. 'A bottle of champagne and flowers', or the opposite case – 'No minibar restocking needed';
  • How to alert that certain guests have special needs, e.g. "Hypoallergenic blankets";
  • How to keep track of other room issues related to maintenance, e.g. "The remote control is not working". In short, what's the nature of issue and who will fix it;
  • How to handle lost and found property at the hotel;
  • How to determine which housekeeper cleaned a certain room on a given date;

Housekeeping activities, scheme and forecast

The activities are the individual tasks performed by housekeepers in relation to the servicing of each room. Depending on your needs, you can define activities in general or in greater detail. For example, you can set various individual activities like 'Vacuum cleaning', 'WC cleaning', 'Bath cleaning', etc. or include all of the already mentioned tasks in one general activity: 'Daily cleaning and consumable restocking'. The detailed approach is suitable when certain activities are omitted on certain days of the stay. This way you can specify what should be done on each day of the stay. The general approach is recommended when the tasks don't differ from day to day.

Each activity can have a Code. Use the codes to make the activity presentation in the housekeeping report and the report itself more compact.

For each each activity, you can set a number of Credits. You can view these credits as the time needed for each task. Their role is very important for the proper distribution of work among housekeepers. The credit quantity can be specified in the housekeeping scheme itself, there this quantity will refer to the combination of activities in the specific line of the scheme.

To set up activities, go to Settings -> All Settings -> Housekeeping Activities -> 'New'. We strongly advise you to explore the full set of options of the module before proceeding with the setup.

The daily limit of Housekeeping Credits per housekeeper, can be set from Settings -> All Settings -> Housekeeping Credits -> 'Default daily credits per housekeeper';

Housekeeping schemes determine which activities, when and for which Room Type to be performed for. You may specify what to be done on arrival, each N days or on departure. For example, each 2 days – 'Cleaning and sheet change', each 1 day – "Towel change".

For each line of the housekeeping scheme, you can specify a certain number of credits (i.e. how much time will be needed for the performance of the specific tasks), if left empty, the system will use the sum of credits predefined for each activity. To activate the scheme, you will need to link it to the room types it will refer to. If several schemes are linked to a room type, they will all apply to this room type. This way you can separate all common activities for the different room types into one scheme and link it to all room types, while creating separate schemes of specific activities for each room type.

You can have schemes not linked to any room type. These schemes will not be activated automatically. You can use them for specific rates and packages. This is explained in the Housekeeping V2 Operations article.

To set up schemes, go to Settings -> All Settings -> Housekeeping Activity Scheme -> New.

Please note that the creation of even one scheme will prevent you to use the old housekeeping functionality. 

Housekeeping Sectors

You can add Housekeeping Sectors to your room units, so they can be grouped and taken into consideration when the Housekeeping Tasks are auto assigned. 


  • Each of the property floors can be considered as a sector - 1st floor is Sector 1, 2nd floor is Sector 2, etc.
  • Then you can set Sector 1 for all rooms on the 1st floor, Sector 2 for all rooms on the 2nd floor, etc. 
  • The Housekeeping Sector can be selected for your rooms from Settings -> All Settings -> Room:
    • Open the desired room unit.
    • Type or select the sector in the Housekeeping Sector field.

Information about the usage of Housekeeping V2 can be found in Housekeeping V2 Operations article.

Integration of Housekeeping V2 with the Self Service Portal: Housekeeping tasks can be created by the guest via the Self Service Portal. You can learn from the Self Service Portal article.