1. New Folio
  2. Folio Closing
  3. Folio Sending
  4. Folio Voiding
  5. Corrections to Closed Folios/Invoices

The folio is the guest account or hotel bill. If open, you can post charges and payments from guests, companies and non-residents to the folio (hotel bill). When closing folios, you can make these guest accounts invoices and no more charges can be added to them. Clock PMS+ also lets you perform multiple other operations with the folios.

1. New Folio

1.1. Booking folios

With the creation of a booking, a corresponding folio is also generated in the Rate and Folios section of the booking screen. With a room rate set for the booking, Clock PMS+ automatically calculates and posts the room charges for the stay of the guest to this folio, you can also create additional folios:

  • Click the Add Folio button on the booking screen
  • The number of folios to be created for a booking is unlimited.

1.2. Company folios

You can create company folios, i.e. folios associated with companies, and use them the way you use booking folios:

  • Open a company profile
  • In the Folio section, click the Add Folio button
  • You can use these folios to post payments and charges associated with this company

1.3. Non-resident folios

Clock PMS+ allows you to create folios for non-resident guests of the hotel, i.e. not staying at your hotel:

  • Click the navigation bar 'Other' button
  • Select 'Non-Resident Folios'
  • On the Non-resident folios screen, click 'Add Folio' to create a new folio
  • Now you can charge non-resident guests and record payments from them

2. Folio Closing

In Clock PMS+, it is very easy to create an invoice or closed bill, you just need to close the open folio, as no more charges can be added or changed. After closing, the folio becomes a document.

  • Open the guest's folio to be closed
  • Click the 'Issue' button
  • Select 'Close' and a pop up window will open with all the available document types. 

Note: Selecting the 'Close' option in the pop up window (if available) will close the folio without a document type

You can keep track of all closed folios for a certain period from 'Control' – 'Closed Folios Report'.

In Clock PMS+, there is also an automatic closing of the folios of a booking with its checkout. Upon the checkout of a booking, you are prompted to allow the automatic closing of the folios of this booking. The user can choose whether to close or leave them open.

Remember: No charges can be added or edited on closed folios. Still you can post payments.

3. Folio Sending

3.1. Folio Preview, Printing and Sending

With Clock PMS+, you can preview and send open or closed folios/invoices:

  • On the folio screen, click the Preview button
  • Select the language for the folio to be displayed in
  • On the folio's preview screen:
    • Click the View button to choose a detailed or grouped mode of folio display
    • Click the Print button to print the open or closed folio/invoice
    • Use the Send button to email the open or closed folio/invoice
  • The open folio can be used as a proforma invoice

3.2. Folio Batch Printing

You can print not only a single open or closed folio/invoice but a batch of open or closed folios/invoices:

  • Click 'Booking' in the navigation bar
  • Choose 'Departures'
  • On the Departures screen, click 'Select Multiple'
  • Select the bookings containing the open or closed folios/invoices to be printed
  • Click the Folios button and choose 'Print Preview'
  • Click the Print button
  • You can also print a batch of folios from the Arrivals, In Hotel, Search Booking screens

4. Folio Voiding

If a closed folio/invoice is incorrect, you can void the entire folio:

  • Click the Issue button on the folio screen and select 'Void'
  • 'Confirm void'
Note: The voiding of a folio will void all folio's charges and payments. It is not allowed to void a folio having correction folios. All related correction folios are to be voided first, then you can void the open folio.

5. Corrections to Closed Folios/Invoices

In Clock PMS+, there are several options to make corrections to closed folios/invoices. You can duplicate the closed folio/invoice into a new open folio:

a) Duplicate

  • Open a closed folio
  • Click the Issue button and select 'Duplicate'
  • On the newly created duplicate folio, make the necessary changes related to the charges and payments
  • Return to the closed folio/invoice and void it

b) Correction folios

Clock PMS+ also lets you create credit and debit folios through correction folios. The Correction folios section appear on the screens of voided or closed folios/invoices, but these folios can only be used for closed folios/invoices:

  • In this section of closed folios, click the Add Correction Folio button
  • Open the created correction folio and post the needed positive or negative charges
  • A debit or credit folio is created

c) Full Correction

Use the Full Correction feature to create a correction folio, which is a copy of a closed folio/invoice with inverse values:

  • Open a closed folio/invoice
  • Click the Issue button and select 'Full correction'
  • The created correction folio becomes effective after its closing and is a credit folio/invoice to the whole closed folio/invoice